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G90 galvanized steel coil

zinc 30--100 width 600--1250 coil ID 508mm 610mm

G90 galvanized steel coil

Substrate hot dipped galvanized steel coil 
Zinc coating (gsm) 30--120
Hardness (HRB) 55-95
Yield strength (mpa) 240-700
CoiliD (mm) φ508mm,φ610mm
Thickness (TCT in mm) 0.12-1.20
Width (mm) 600-1250
Cut-to-Iength (mm) 500-4800
Coil weight (t) 2-8 
Profile Corrugated, trapezoidal or any other as per customer's requirement
Guard film (microns) optional
Standards JIS G 3312, ASTM A 755, 
EN 10169-1, IS 14246-1995
Paint system*
Primers : Epoxy, 
polyester/ universal
Top coat : Regular Modified 
Polyester (RMP)
Backer coat : Epoxy, polyester
Characteristics Primer top coat (micron) 7 (max.)
Top coat (micron) 20 (max.)
Primer + Backer coat (micron) 12 (max.)
Colour As per RAL code/ customer's requirement
Gloss Matte 35% (+ /- 5%)/ semi-gloss 60% (+/- 5%) high gloss > 70%


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1、About price
With the price of raw materials and fluctuations in the market fluctuates, every message will specify the price quotations below the expiration date. .If price changed it I will update for you .
We own our paint factory , and we import steel from big factory . So that we can contral the quality and cost.
Customers can specify the shipping company or agent.
Standard export package, it’s plastic film + paper+steel. If you have the other requirement please send to me also.
5、About payment
We can accept TTand LC at sight.